My name is Arve Mosand.
I am educated a woodcarver and cabinetmaker at Hjerleid school of Handicraft at Dovre.
Since 1984 I have run Skreia Møbel- og Treskjærerverksted (Skreia Cabinet- and Woodcarving Workshop) together with my wife, Rannveig Schumann, who has got the same education at Hjerleid.
The workshop is situated at the center of Skreia, route 33, between Gjøvik and Minnesund, 70 km. south of Lillehammer.
For several years I have been interested in miniature carving and wanted to cast this pieces of work in silver.
Silver casting after wooden models is not a new technique. It has ancient tradition in Norway, especially in Gudbrandsdalen, where legendary wood-carvers like Lars Prestmoen and Johannes J. Odde worked with Pipe-Larsen's at Lillehammer. They carved - among other things - models for silver casting. It is this tradition I wish to carry on, therefore I established the firm Arvesmykker in January 2000. (The name has a double sense; my first name is Arve, and arve is also a Norwegian verb meaning to inherit.)

I have developed a series of jewelry called Acanthus. All the models in this series are being carved by hand, mainly in boxwood, which is a very hard and thigh grown wooden material.

Another series of jewelry is the Hoya series, named after the Hoya plant. This collection is being made by direct casting of the flower itself. For the present I have used flowers from Hoya Carnosa and Hoya Bella.

A number of the models will also be cast in gold.

I also undertake casting for others.

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Arve Mosand